Prayer Among Friends

May 4, 2009 – 5:37 pm

Herbert O’Driscoll
ISBN 978-1-55126-501-8
soft cover, 94 pages, $16.95

Reviewed by Paul Dumbrille
Anglican Fellowship of Prayer

“Refreshing and very helpful for today’s Christian”

prayer-among-friends-small-copy1As the title suggests this is a book about prayer. The author sets about to “show that prayer is far more than what we usually assume,” and he succeeds marvellously.

Published by Path Books and available from the Anglican Book Centre, the book is made up of 21 short (3 to 4 pages) chapters, each of which is a personal reflection by Herbert O’Driscoll on the role of prayer in everyday life.

As we read this book we appreciate that everything exists within God. When we grasp this reality, prayer ceases to be something formal and institutional, and becomes something everyday and wondrously ordinary. There is no part of life that cannot be offered to God.

Herbert O’Driscoll’s gentle and illuminating insights, and personal memories and reflections, together with suggestions by Patricia Bays for personal exploration, make this a special book for reading, reflection, or group study any time. His reflections demonstrate a simplicity and honesty about himself and about his relationship with God that is refreshing and very helpful for today’s Christian living in our hurried world….

I highly recommend this book for all to read.